Jeff Timmer Son Death: How did Mekbul Timmer Die Jeff Timmer’s Son?

Jeff Timmer Son Death

The news about the death of Jeff Timmer Son Death is devastating to the family and well-wishers. The cause of the death is yet to be revealed.

Jeff Timmer is a political advisor and strategist who is known for his expertise in redistricting. He also has experience advising Michigan House Speakers, Senate Majority Leaders and Republican House and Senate campaign committees.

Cause of Death

The cause of death for Jeff Timmer Son Death is unknown. But many people have shown their condolences on Twitter. They have pondered his big heart, generous spirit and how he touched their lives.

Traditional Memorials

The news of Mekbul’s Jeff Timmer Son Death has been a major shock to the family. They cherished him and tried their best to keep his memory alive by holding traditional memorials.

Moreover, they want to share his story to encourage other people not to be afraid to speak up about what’s right. They also want to make it known that lead poisoning can be fatal.

Jeff Timmer is a well-known political and issues advocacy strategist with over 30 years of experience. He has advised Michigan House Speakers, Senate Majority Leaders, and various Republican campaign groups. He is also a member of the National Association of Governmental Accountants (NAGA) and the International Society for Political Science (ISPS).


Mekbul Timmer, the 18-year-old son of Jeff Timmer Son Death and Mattie Timmer, passed away on March 7, 2022. The news came to light after his father announced it on the official handle of The Lincoln Project, on Twitter.

Jeff and Mattie

Mek was born in Ethiopia and was adopt by Jeff and Mattie. He was the youngest child in their family, and it is a tragedy to learn of his death.

He was a prankster, and his joking was appreciate by everyone he met. His adoptive parents say that he made their life better.

However, the cause of his death is unknown. As a result, many people have questioned his death.

The youngest of the Timmer family, Mekbul was only a teenager when he died, and he was an excellent soccer player. He also excelled at English and mathematics.


The death of any young child is a heart-wrenching event. It leaves people feeling sad and confused. Especially when a young person died under suspicious circumstances.

Jeff Timmer Son’s death has shaken the whole world and left many questions unanswered. His family has expressed their sorrow over the incident, and the news has gotten people talking about his death on social media.

Jeff and Mattie Timmer

Among the mourners, Jeff and Mattie Timmer are the most affected by this tragedy. They are devastated by their son’s death and are doing all they can to keep his memory alive.

Timmer’s mother, Mattie, is a public relations professional who handles political consulting. She has also worked on several amateur theater productions in Portland, Michigan.

Timmer is an expert in redistricting and has endorsed Michigan House Speakers, Senate Majority Leaders, Republican House and Senate campaign groups, and the Michigan Republican Party. He has also served as a senior advisor to The Lincoln Project, a political action committee that opposed Donald Trump’s presidency.


Those who knew the Ethiopian-born American teenager Mekbul Timmer, an impish prankster who was adopted by Jeff and Mattie Timmer, would agree that he made their lives better. He was an avid Impractical Jokers fan who also excelled in soccer.

Bright & Inquisitive Person

He was also a bright and inquisitive person, and was an expert in juggling, card throwing, skateboarding, yo-yo tricks and dance.

Mekbul was born in Ethiopia on April 27, 2003, to Zeyneba Tesfaye. His mother died when he was six years old, leaving him with his grandmother.

Final Words:

However, he was later place in an orphanage in Portland, Michigan.

His adoptive father, Jeff, is a political advisor who advises major enterprises, political parties, trade associations and political campaigns on strategic matters. He has been involve in politics for over three decades.

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