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Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were teenagers who met in a game named Tibia. They grew close to each other because of their shared interest in the game.

One day, Patry lent 20,000 digital coins to Kuhn. He asked him to return the money quickly, but Kuhn refused. This made Patry furious and determined to kill Kuhn.

12-Year-Old Boy

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry was a 12-year-old boy who was brutally murdered by a 16-year-old friend. The two were friends and had started hanging out together because they played a game called Tibia online.

The two had become good friends, and on one occasion, Daniel loaned Gabriel 20,000 virtual coins in the game. However, when Daniel asked Gabriel to return the money, he refused.

Angry & Decided

As a result, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry became very angry and decided to kill Gabriel.

During the altercation, he strangled Gabriel using a rope. He then cut his legs off, and placed him in his neighbor’s house.

The victim was found with his legs separated around noon in the neighbor’s house. The autopsy report also confirmed that he was raped by Daniel.

Virtual Coins to Advance

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were both neighbours and were friends who played the same game. When Kuhn needed 20,000 virtual coins to advance, Patry loaned him the money.

They grew closer as they got into the Tibia game. They would communicate and meet up on the Internet whenever their parents weren’t around.

Unfortunately, Kuhn didn’t return the virtual currency to Patry, and this angered him.

Daniel Tracked Gabriel

Eventually, Daniel tracked Gabriel to his house and opened the door. He told Kuhn that he would forgive him if he apologized to him.

After he was inside, he brutally assaulted Kuhn and killed him. He also drank a lot of blood and began to laugh.

Mental Problems

It is said that Daniel Patry had mental problems. He had trouble interacting with his peers, and he was often irritated. He also missed school and didn’t go to therapy.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were neighbors, and they had a shared interest in video games. They both played Tibia, a popular online multiplayer role-playing game.

Daniel Threatened

Gabriel loaned Daniel a sum of money in order to upgrade his account. When he did not pay back the money, Daniel threatened to kill him.

The incident became a national story. It also caused a lot of controversy, as it was reported that Patry was only 16 years old and a few years younger than Kuhn.

The investigation into the murder was carried out by the police, and Daniel Patry was charged with the crime. He was given a three-year jail sentence for the brutal death of Gabriel Kuhn.

Friend Daniel Patry

Gabriel Kuhn was murdered in 2007 by his friend Daniel Patry. The murder was the talk of the town back then, but now it has resurfaced with a new autopsy report.

A heated argument occurred between the two teenagers. Daniel asked Gabriel to return 20,000 Tibia’s online virtual currency that he had borrowed from him, but Gabriel refused. This enraged Daniel and he decided to kill him.


The body was then carved with Tibia symbols and Daniel tried to stuff it into the crawl space trap door in Gabriel’s house. However, it did not fit.

After that, he began to beat Gabriel’s top half and dismembered him. He sawed off his legs and ripped the middle parts out of his torso, all while he was still alive. He then placed his bloodied body in a hallway crawl space and the legs next to a hacksaw.

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