What You Should Know About Sddfcu


Sddfcu provides members with financial services like savings and checking accounts, mortgages, home loans, auto loans, and more. Its products are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

Use DFCU Mobile to access your account balances, deposit checks, pay bills, find your nearest branch location and more. Download it today to enjoy secure, 24/7 account access from the palm of your hand.

Online Banking

Online Banking is a great way to manage your account when and how you want. It can be especially helpful for those who are always on the go or who need to access their accounts in a variety of locations.

DFCU Financial

DFCU Financial offers a variety of online banking services for its members. These include e-documents, account alerts, and even money management tools. They also offer several types of savings accounts, including regular and vacation and special accounts.

Routing numbers are use by banks to process transactions like ACH transfers and bill payments. You can find your DFCU routing number by logging into your online banking account. It’s important to make sure you have the correct one when making a transaction, as these can ensure your payment ends up where it’s meant to.

24/7 Account Access

Mobile Banking from Sddfcu puts 24/7 account access right in the palm of your hand. Download the app to check balances, deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills and find branch locations wherever you are.

DFCU Mobile uses encryption to keep your information secure and confidential on your device. You’ll never see your full account numbers on your screen, and we don’t display any characters from your passwords.

Customized Alerts

DFCU Mobile also allows you to set customized alerts that will send you text, email or phone calls about important account activity. You can also manage your accounts, add or remove contact information, update account nicknames and groupings, reorder checks and more. The app is available for Apple and Android devices. It’s easy to use and comes with a free update every couple of months.

Bill Pay

Bill pay services allow you to pay your bills online and avoid the hassle of writing a check. These services are offer by many banks and credit unions and can be very convenient for people who juggle rent, mortgages, electricity, cable, credit card payments, and more.

You can use a bill pay service to set up automated payments, get reminders about payment due dates and more. It also provides a digital trail that can be helpful should you need to prove that a specific payment was sent.

Credit Cards

Credit unions offer low-interest rates and also lower fees, which can make them an attractive option for people looking to improve their credit score. Sddfcu offers several credit cards, including a secured card that doesn’t require any credit check.

The Sddfcu Savings Secured Visa Platinum Card has a $0 annual fee and also rewards you with one point per dollar spent. It also has no foreign transaction fee and also offers travel and also emergency assistance services.

To get the Sddfcu Savings Secured Platinum Visa Card, you’ll need to put down a security deposit in a savings account. This deposit acts as collateral for your credit line, but it can also be used to increase your limit over time.


Sddfcu offers a wide range of loan products, including home loans. These include fixed-rate mortgages and also adjustable-rate mortgages.

SEFCU’s mortgages are offered to homeowners with varying credit scores and also income requirements. It also offers a 270-day rate lock for construction financing, which provides borrowers with a lower mortgage payment during the building process.

Applicants can apply online or at a branch near them. SEFCU doesn’t require a minimum credit score but requires a good credit history, including an active checking account and also some recent activity on other accounts.

Final Words:

SEFCU’s loan offerings include fixed-rate and also adjustable-rate mortgages, as well as home equity lines of credit. These loans are available for both new and existing homes.

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