Dad and Buried the Anti Parent Parenting Blog Review

Dad and Buried the Anti Parent is a parenting blog run by thirty-something Brooklynite Mike Julianelle. It focuses on his frustrations with parenthood. While the blog is cynical, Mike Julianelle is a good source of advice for parents and offers a safe place for parents to air their frustrations without fear of being judged.

Mike Julianelle

Mike Julianelle is an American blogger who writes about parenting and life with a child. He admits it is not always easy to raise a child, but he does his best to stay grounded and true to himself. He writes about his experience with raising his son and admits it has changed his life. For instance, he no longer drinks as much as he used to and tries to be a good parent. Despite the challenges, he insists on staying true to himself and his son.

Mike Julianelle’s Dad and Buried is a blog written by a forty-something father who is tired of other people trying to pretend that parenting is perfect. He aims to provide an online forum where parents can vent their frustrations without fear of judgement. While it might not be for every parent, many readers of the blog find it amusing and informative.

Julianelle’s blog is a space for him to vent his frustrations and annoyances with other parents. His writing style is pessimistic and mocking. While some readers find Julianelle’s views offensive, others find them amusing and helpful. Despite his sarcastic tone, his views are true and he strives to make his readers feel better.

Mike Julianelle’s blog

The title of the blog is misleading, as it’s not an anti-parenting blog. It is actually a blog by a thirty-year-old Brooklynite named Mike Julian that shares his experience as a parent. In addition to sharing his thoughts, he also runs a podcast and an online store.

The blog was established by thirty-something Brooklynite, Mike Julianelle, who aims to give parents advice on parenting issues and experiences. Though the blog’s tone is often cynical, Mike Julianelle is never judgmental, as he offers good advice on parenting and discusses his own experience as a father. As a result, the blog is well-received by readers who share the same concerns about parenting.

Mike Julianelle is a thirty-something Brooklynite who has shifted his lifestyle to raise his son. He admits that being a dad is difficult, but he doesn’t want to let it ruin his social life. The blog is full of interesting, humorous posts about parenting. While Mike Julianelle’s parenting style may not be for everyone, it will be a great read for new parents.

Mike Julianelle’s mission

Mike Julianelle’s mission on Dad and buried the anti parenting blog is to help parents navigate the world of parenting. The blog covers a variety of parenting topics from drug abuse to family arguments. It is written by a father who has been through it all himself. The content is readable and readers can easily relate to it.

Mike Julianelle, a thirty-year-old Brooklynite, is a father who runs the Dad and buried the anti parenting blog. The site is full of stories of Mike’s own parenting experiences, including dealing with his children’s behavior. Julianelle believes that parenting is stressful, but he isn’t afraid to admit it. His blog is a safe place to vent about your parenting fears.

Although the blog is humorous and satirical, Mike Julianelle’s mission is to help parents understand their children’s behavior and help them understand their new responsibilities. His writing style may be off-putting to some readers, but the content is truthful.

Mike Julianelle’s blog is a place for parents to vent frustrations without fear of being judged

Mike Julianelle’s blog is a great outlet for parents to share their frustrations without fear of being judged. The blog is written in a style that is funny and candid, and readers are encouraged to comment on any topic. Although many readers find the blog’s content offensive, some have found it helpful.

The blog is written by Mike Julianelle, a thirty-something Brooklynite and married father of a young son. It chronicles his experiences as a new father and is a great resource for parents. His witty and honest posts are full of parenting advice and factoids, and readers are free to share their own frustrations.

Mike Julianelle’s blog is full of hilarious posts about parenting. He’s a thirty-something dad who has recently moved to North Carolina with his wife. His blog covers topics ranging from drugs, divorce, family arguments, and parenting. Mike’s blog is an excellent resource for parents and has earned plenty of followers.

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