Dan Newlin Net Worth, Biography, Career (Updated 2022)

Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is a well-educated and very talented personal injury lawyer. He is five feet eight inches tall and weighs 155 pounds. He has a rotorcraft and likes to spend time working out and riding horses. Dan Newlin has a very active social media presence, and he regularly posts stunning images. He also likes to interact with his fans around the world.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Dan Newlin is a highly respected personal injury lawyer who has helped thousands of accident victims. His work has been recognized with Super Lawyer, National Attorney, and other honors. His firm, Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys, is ranked among the top law firms in Orlando by the Orlando Sentinel and Orlando Business Journal. One of his specialties is handling accident cases that involve injuries caused by other people’s negligence.

He has been practicing law since 2003 and has a net worth of $3 million. He attended public schools in California and earned his political science degree from the University of California, Berkeley in 1992. After working for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Dan Newlin decided to further his education and pursue a law career. He went on to receive his law degree from Florida State College in 2000.


Dan Newlin is a Christian who enjoys working out and riding horses. He is also active on social media and has many fans around the world. Born in Florida, Newlin has lived most of his life in Florida. His parents are Christian and raised him in the South. His upbringing is not well known. He is believed to be single. As a teenager, he worked as a janitor in a local bank. He went on to study finance and mathematics at the University of Florida. He graduated with a degree in finance.

One of Dan Newlin’s prominent charities is the Miracle Project, which he founded in memory of his late father. This foundation provides hope and support to children and families coping with life-threatening illnesses. Recently, the Miracle Project helped organize a Princess Party for Marlie Newlin, a pediatric patient at Arnold Palmer Hospital. Although Marlie is not expected to survive her illness, her family decided to throw her a party for her.


Dan Newlin is a personal injury attorney who owns a Citation Ultra helicopter. He’s used it for three years to transport his clients throughout central Florida. The aircraft also helps him decrease traffic and increase productivity. In addition to being a lawyer, he’s a member of several charitable organizations. He also served as a police officer for ten years before going to law school.

He’s also an active social media user. His Instagram account contains stunning pictures of himself, and he has a following on various platforms. He is also very active on Twitter and Facebook, and enjoys interacting with his fans. However, he doesn’t share much about his personal life – he prefers to keep his private life private.

Well-Educated Gentleman

Dan Newlin has a well-rounded profile, with his education, job, and social life. A successful actor, Newlin is an active member of social media, with a strong following on Twitter and Facebook. Newlin shares his latest successes and achievements with his followers.

Dan Newlin was born in Florida on June 2, 1974, and spent most of his childhood there. He is a Christian. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 80 kilograms. His hair is blonde and he has wide blue eyes. He is currently single, but his career keeps him busy.

Dan Newlin is also a well-known attorney in the United States, earning around $70k to $120k a month. He enjoys giving back to the community, and has donated more than $2 million to various charities. Newlin’s charitable work has also earned him awards and recognition.

One Billion Dollars

The law firm Dan Newlin founded has over one billion dollars in assets. This is a large amount for a personal injury attorney. Newlin is well known for being an aggressive advocate for his clients. He has recovered over one billion dollars in compensation for accident victims. Dan Newlin Net Worth is also an active member of the community. He has a massive social media following and is active with a number of charities. His net worth has steadily increased over the years and his net worth continues to grow.

Final Words:

Dan Newlin has a high networth because of his many years in the legal industry. His experience and reputation in the field have led to many awards and recognitions. As a result, his net worth is likely to rise above $20 million by 2020. Newlin also donates a significant portion of his wealth to charity.

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