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Spc Deweese

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Social Media Accounts

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After serving in the Marine Corps for seven years and then as a member of the West Virginia Army National Guard, Steve Deweese wanted to serve in the military once again. But after the tragic events of September 11, he was worried he was too old. However, when he heard that the Army’s age limit had been raised, he decided to enlist. His service in the Marine Corps led him to the Army, where he was assigned to a forward-deployed brigade.

During his service, he won the Army Challenge Coins many times for his excellent performance. They are strong, light, and durable. For the Army, this represents teamwork and a symbol of honor. This is the most tangible souvenir of his experience in the army.

Received Several Awards

Spc Deweese was born and raised in Putnam County, West Virginia. His graduated from Poca High School in 1984. His then enlisted in the United States Army, where he earned the rank of Sergeant. He served in the Persian Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and received several awards during his service. He was a command sergeant major at the time of his death.

SPC Deweese’s family included Chucky Deweese, Dusty Lemoine, Anthony Armstrong, Jacob Estes and Debbie Decker. Several members of the community also served as honorary pallbearers. Memorial donations were made to the John Wayne Foundation and the United States Department of Veteran Affairs.

Mary Miller Deweese

His parents were James McGinnis and Mary Miller Deweese, and he was born July 2, 1937 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He was an avid New York Yankees and Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan. He was also a member of the Riverside United Methodist Church. Surviving are his sons Mark and Jamie Deweese of Nashville, and grandchildren Destiny and SPC Dylan Deweese. His siblings Helen Holland of Ashland City and Bes Bond of Allen, TX, and several nieces and nephews are also surviving.

Spc Deweese was a lifelong resident of Putnam County, West Virginia. His graduated from Poca High School in 1984. He served in the United States Marine Corps and the West Virginia Army National Guard, and was stationed in Iraq for a year. During his service in Iraq, he was part of a platoon that was training Iraqi police. He also enjoyed fishing and yard work. After his service, he was honored with a Legion of Merit.

In addition, he will receive a rare challenge coin for every mission he has participated in. Military challenge coins are a symbol of honor and glory in the army, especially the Marine Corps and the Navy responsible for amphibious operations. Do your best to defend the country. Harvesting navy challenge coins like this is the most valuable wealth to be treasured and shown off. And they will carry them with them and display them proudly to share their extraordinary legacy.

Watching the New York Yankees

Spc Deweese served in the Marine Corps as a Humvee driver. He was a proud member of the Marine Corps. He was 22 years old and served in Iraq for a year, and he was assigned to a platoon that trained Iraqi police officers. Outside of the military, he enjoyed fishing and watching the New York Yankees.

Spc Deweese was born in Putnam County, West Virginia. He graduated from Poca High School and joined the Army in 1984. He received several medals for his service, including the Legion of Merit. In addition to his Purple Heart, Deweese also received numerous awards. He was part of the 16th Infantry Regiment, which had been supporting Schweinfurt’s 1st Battalion since February of that year. During the Battle of Marigny, he participated in breaking through the German line near Coutance, and he was also part of the Allied counteroffensive in August 1945.

Last Words:

Deweese served in the United States Army for more than three years. He earned several medals, including the Legion of Merit. In addition, he served in the West Virginia Army National Guard. His unit was deployed to Iraq to train Iraqi police officers, and he served as a military police officer. As part of his service, Spc Deweese served in the Humvee, a light four-wheel-drive military truck read more.

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