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Justin Goldsby

If you are looking for a rustic and elegant event center for your wedding, look no further than Southwind Hills in Goldsby, Oklahoma. This family-owned venue is situated in an enchanted forest and offers outdoor ceremony options, modern floral and decor, and event planning expertise.

Elegant Event Center

Southwind Hills is a rustic yet elegant event center located on 80 acres of beautiful countryside in Goldsby, Oklahoma. This beautiful event venue features two ponds, private paths, and a beautiful, 20,000-square-foot barn. It can accommodate up to 350 guests.

Located in the beautiful countryside of Goldsby, Oklahoma, Southwind Hills is an elegant and rustic event center. Surrounded by two ponds and private pathways, the venue offers a beautiful and private setting for your wedding. With a 20,000-square-foot barn, modern floral and decor, and experienced event planning expertise, Southwind Hills can help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Chickasaw Leather Goods

The venue is located on land that was purchased by the Choctaw Nation. It is known for its intimate weddings and is named after the treaty that acquired the land. The venue is also home to the Medieval Fair, which features medieval fair vendors and knight demonstrations. The Medieval Fair also features local foods and unique Chickasaw leather goods.

Justin Goldsby was born into a foster home and was moved to ten different foster homes before he was adopt. After his adoption, his biological mother reconnected with him. She started abusing drugs and Goldsby developed gangrene, a serious condition that causes death or near death. At the age of 22, Goldsby was arrest. He was sent to an intense manage unit and then transfer to an institute called Airway Heights.

Goldsby Has Apologized

Niecko Goldsby and Justin Goldsby met at a jail in Spokane County, Washington. While the men were in a common area, they snuck up on Munger. They beat him unconscious. The victim died three days later. Goldsby pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and received a sentence of 298 months in prison – about 25 years. Goldsby has apologized to Munger’s family for his actions.

Both men are 42 years old and work in the entertainment industry. They are related to each other through their mother and father. They are the fathers of two famous children, Niecko and Avis.

Controversial Relationship

The Goldsby brother are known for their controversial relationship. While Goldsby is a convicted felon, he was previously in prison for stealing a state trooper’s car in 2017. Goldsby was sentence to 25 years in prison for killing Munger, who was serving a 43-year prison sentence for multiple child sex crimes, including molestation and possession of child pornography. The gang split after the murders and Goldsby apologized to the Munger family.

Goldsby pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in June. His said that he had no memory of the murder, but had a crush on the woman who had raped his sister. He also admitted to having a history of violence. He apologized to the victim’s family during his sentencing hearing.

Arrangements Policy Prohibits

The connection between Robert Munger and Justin Goldsby may not be obvious to the public, but an investigation into the two men’s cellmates’ relationship is underway. The Washington Department of Corrections’ prison living arrangements policy prohibits inmates from sharing cellmates. But the two men’s relationship was uncovered after Goldsby attack Munger from behind in a communal area. The attack caused injuries to both men. Goldsby admitted that he struck Munger fourteen times in the face and stomped on his head four times. Afterward, he walked away. A state corrections investigation revealed that there was no indication that the two men had a previous relationship when screeners assigned them to their cells.

Last Words:

Shane Goldsby’s relationship with convicted felon Robert Munger has drawn criticism. The pair were place in the same cell at the Washington State Department of Corrections, despite a policy that prohibits cellmates from sharing. An independent investigation found that screeners were unaware of the connection between the two, despite Goldsby’s claims to the contrary. The Washington State Department of Corrections said it is cooperating with law enforcement on the case read more.

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