Facts About the NDIS

You must have heard about NDIS and how it has helped many people in the last couple of years. Did you wonder what exactly NDIS is and what they do to help people? 

Whether you are thinking about becoming a participant of NDIS or you are considering becoming a service provider, being curious about NDIS is understandable, which is why we have made this list of things you should know about NDIS. After reading this article, we hope you will clearly understand this scheme.

What Is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a support program started by the Australian government in 2013. It is designed to help people with any significant or permanent disability have an independent life. 

NDIS provides funds for the participants’ support to reach their goals and lead independent lives. It helps them in learning new skills and becoming more social. Participants get access to daily assistance, therapies, and trainers that help them be more independent. It is different from other welfare programs. Everyone who fulfils the eligibility criteria can become a part of NDIS regardless of their assets and income. That makes NDIS the best disability support program in recent times. 

Here are some facts that will help you understand this program better:

Personalised Support Services provide services related to NDIS in Melbourne. They have qualified, experienced support workers who have a better understanding of the plan and can help you build an independent life for yourself.


All disabilities are different, and every person does not face similar issues. NDIS provides aid for a wide range of disabilities, including autism, schizophrenia, down syndrome, and many other disorders. They have about 900 support workers to help the participants get the best possible support. 

Every support worker is qualified, experienced, and specialised for specific conditions. Participants can have a support worker that has proper knowledge of their condition, so they get personalised help to reach their goals.

Registered And Unregistered Providers

You might have heard that participants hire service providers to help them reach their goals and understand their NDIS plan but did you know that there are two types of providers?

Registered providers are the ones that go through the screening process and get themselves registered with NDIS. In contrast, unregistered providers are the ones who choose not to get through the process and stay unregistered. Being an unregistered provider doesn’t make them any less professional; however, it does make them less trustable as compared to registered providers. 

Participants Can Manage Funds In Different Ways

Once NDIS approves the funding for the support participants can get, they can choose to manage their funds in three different ways.

Self-Managed: In this, participants are responsible for the management of funding, they can make their decisions based on their knowledge of the NDIS plan, and they can hire any service provider.

Plan-Managed: This way allows participants to hire a plan manager to manage their funds for them. This provides them with professional help; trained plan managers are well versed with the program and can make advice that is best for the participants.

NDIA- Managed: In this last way of managing funds, the participants can have the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) manage the funds on their behalf. If the participants choose this way, they cannot hire any service provider, but they will have to hire the provider that is registered under NDIS.

Participants Can Request Updates In Their Plan

NDIA makes a plan for the participants in their first plan meeting, and participants have to follow that plan till the next plan meeting takes place. Plan meeting reviews are held to check the progress of the plan, and if there are some changes needed, they can be made. 

However, suppose the participant needs to make changes in the plan before the review meeting; in that case, he can request an emergency review meeting and mention the sudden changes in his condition that led to this change in the plan.


NDIS is a program working to make many people’s lives better and more enjoyable. It has helped thousands of people over the years and aims to continue doing that. If you want to know more about NDIS in Melbourne, reach out to Personalised Support Services and let their support workers help you meet your goals.

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