XResolver – A Complete Guide To Prevent DDoS Attacks In 2022


This article will introduce you to the tool called xResolver, which is a database service that records gamer tags and IP addresses. This service enables interested parties to obtain private information about a person’s online identity. Therefore, it is critical to protect your online identity by using this tool. xResolver can be download here.

xResolver is a Database Service that Records Gamer Tags and IP Addresses

XResolver is an online database that stores gamer tags and IP addresses. It also helps protect gaming identities as it allows users to know what their opponents are doing, so that they can create a strategy that will win the game. The database is free to use and has user guides and setup instructions. Users can use xResolver both online and offline. Another service that records IP addresses is Bootyou. It requires a premium package, but the portal is user-friendly and easy to use.

XResolver’s database service records gamer tags and IP addresses and stores these data. Users can purchase the premium service, which allows them to find someone else’s IP address. XResolver claims to have more than 25 million “solution” accounts, but it is not entirely safe to log in as this information could be shared with the wrong people. Even if you are aware of this, you can follow the other tips and prevent yourself from being added again.

The service offers a lifetime blacklist service. Users can purchase this service if they wish to protect themselves from DDoS attacks in the future. Users can also use it to remove their IP addresses from their database. However, the lifetime service is not recommend. XResolver records the gamer tags and IP addresses of gamers to prevent DDoS attacks in 2022.

It is a Tool Designed to Test a Network or Server for Robustness

IP stressers are a new threat and they are a form of cyber-attack. These tools are designed to simulate denial-of-service attacks against another network or server, but the only real result is an attempt to render an online service unavailable for legitimate users. These attacks are considered illegal as they boot a player off the internet while he’s playing a game on the Internet.

A hacker will exploit this vulnerability by identifying your public IP address. Then, they can flood your public IP address with worthless traffic to knock you off of your game. This could cause serious issues and even shut down the internet for awhile. Fortunately, there are other ways to prevent such a hack. A tool like xResolver is designed to do just that.

It allows interested Parties to Access Private Information About your Online Identity

If you’re a gamer and you’re wondering if your PSN ID or gamertag is list on xResolver, think again. Not only is it not safe to post private information about yourself online, but you can also be target by those who want to use that data for malicious purposes. The site claims to have information on 25 million users, and you might find your IP there if you use a popular game. However, remember, being list on xResolver does not mean that anyone has tried to harm you, it just means that someone scraped your data from a game.

Besides tracking your Gamertag and IP address, xResolver also stores your online profile and Gamertag on its site. While sharing such information is not against the law, there are privacy concerns associate with such a data sharing. However, if you are concerne about your privacy, it is recommend to contact a lawyer before using this software. However, you should understand that there are many ways that the software will be abuse and misuse, so it is important to make sure it’s not against the law.

Last Words:

In the meantime, there are many ways to stay safe online. One method is to install an application called xResolver on your computer. Once you’ve installed the program on your PC, it will detect the gamertag and IP address. This database is free to download, but it is not entirely safe. Some people have reported their privacy being violate by xResolver.

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