Oikawa – The Japanese Volleyball Coach


I have talked about Oikawa before. I’ve discussed his natural athletic ability, how He could draw out the best in any team, and His annoyance with Hinata. In this article I will discuss some of the things you need to know about this player. If you haven’t read my article yet, be sure to do so now. Read on to learn about his game and how you can be like him.

Oikawa’s natural athletic ability

As a middle school student, Oikawa had never heard of the Olympic game. He was a fan of baseball, but the fact that his teammate was a volleyball player intrigued him. The two became friends, and Oikawa is now an official setter for Argentina. His ambition to play in the Olympics drove him to move to a completely new hemisphere. Though he was virtually unknown in Argentina, Oikawa did not let his lack of talent hold him back. His focus has changed to become the focal point of his team.

While Oikawa puts in a great deal of care and effort, he still finds it difficult to keep up with Kageyama. The two athletes get on well and are constantly competing. However, their differences in athletic ability are disappearing as a result of the natural talent that they have. In addition, Oikawa is a fan favorite in Haikyuu and his athletic ability is unmatched.

His ability to draw out the full potential of any team

As a coach, Oikawa’s unique ability lies in utilizing the strengths of his team to his advantage. While Oikawa cannot be described as a genius, he is able to bring out the best in any team. In the first episode, Oikawa stated that his talent is the ability to draw out the best from his opponents. He is also able to bring out the best in his team despite their weaknesses.

Oikawas has an excellent sense of his surroundings and can pick up on the emotions of his teammates. He picked up on Kageyama’s strategy quickly and knows exactly what his teammates need from him. Oikawa makes it easy for his teammates to perform their best when he tosses. This trait makes him the perfect setter. Although he has several enemies in the cast, his strongest friendship is with Iwaizumi.

His pride

The character of Oikawa has always been associated with pride. Since 148, this characteristic has been linked to the motivations of oikawa in life. However, the actions of ushijima have reduced all of these motivations to nothing more than mere pride. The shiratorizawa is the one place where the oikawa’s true nature can shine brighter than in a school.

It is ironic that the character of Oikawa has been the subject of some speculation since childhood. However, we know that his childhood best friend, Hajime Iwaizumi, is also the vice-captain of the current team. They have been playing volleyball together for many years and have a strong bond. Oikawa often makes small jokes toward Iwaizumi, but retracts his jokes when he thinks he’s hit him. In the end, Hajime Iwaizumi, his childhood friend, has taught Oikawa to rely on his team to succeed in life.

His annoyance with Hinata

Throughout the manga, Oikawa annoys Hinata, but his annoyance is tempered by the fact that Hinata is his best friend. This is because Hinata is not only a great friend but is also a staple of the trio’s lifestyle. But his relationship with Hinata doesn’t stop there. He also becomes increasingly frustrated with Hinata’s annoyance.

In the spring qualifier tournament, Oikawa and Iwaizumi intimidate Hinata while he’s in the men’s bathroom. Iwaizumi is polite with Hinata, but Oikawa is determined to crush her outside the court. Hinata responds by hurling a ball, but it fails. In frustration, Oikawa and Iwaizumi are not satisfied and insult the men.

His praise of Karasuno

Oikawa’s praise for Karasuno comes from his respect for the team’s captain, Daichi. Daichi is a powerful all-rounder who served as the team’s foundation. When Daichi went unconscious during the Interhigh Preliminaries, Oikawa was able to see his role in the team and expressed his admiration. However, Oikawa also feared that Kageyama’s growing strength would hurt the team’s chances of winning the championship.

Final Words:

While Oikawa may be the most dominant player in the tournament, he is not the only one with an inferiority complex. He also recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of other players. The character’s ego is a source of his insecurities. However, his humility allows him to accept defeat gracefully. Although Oikawa is an overconfident young man, he knows that his skills are limited compared to his opponents.

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