Mikan Tsumiki – A Character Analysis of Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair

Mikan Tsumiki

This article is about the character Mikan Tsumiki of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. There are also several articles about the character, including the hero.fandom.com wiki. This article is in no way an official translation. In any case, it is based on the information provided by the site. However, it will serve as an excellent introduction to Mikan Tsumiki and Danganronpa.


Mikan Tsumiki is a bisexual character in the anime series Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair. In the anime, he shows signs of attraction towards both men and women, but he is not required to say so. He has a crush on Junko, but in the end, he marries Hajime, which makes him a pansexual.


“I’ve always wondered how this girl could have such a keen sense of smell.” -Chiaki Tsumiki, one of Mikan’s classmates in Hope’s Peak Academy. When Mikan and Chiaki first met in class, they were scolded for a few things, such as not adding enough salt to the noodles. Chiaki was adorable and short haired, and she wore cute clothes. But she was not a very good student. So, when Mikan spotted her, she believed she had seen an angel.

When Mikan met Hajime, he was nervous and tried to talk to him, but failed. He was also tripped during a student gathering in the Restaurant. He later finds her unconscious, despite her best efforts. Mikan uses her talent as an Ultimate Nurse to examine the body. This shows that Mikan is very perceptive. It’s no surprise that Mikan can read the human mind, but he is too slow.


The character of Mikan Tsumiki exhibits several characteristics of selfishness. The first trait is the character’s poor social intuition, which causes him to misread other people’s silence as a sign of madness. His shallow social instinct also leads him to make inappropriate judgments. He also struggles to understand people’s true feelings, so he often ends up making awkward gestures or poses. This trait is also reflected in Mikan’s clumsiness, which results in embarrassing poses that Mikan will repeatedly apologize for. While he may not realize it, Mikan’s self-centered nature makes him seem like a textbook example of unhealthy 2 type.

As an Ultimate Nurse, Mikan has many motivations. Although he sincerely wants to help the abused, he also craves the power of dominance. It is this desire to assert dominance that drives Mikan’s behavior. Despite his selfish motives, Mikan is also concerned about the wellbeing of the other members of the group. Throughout the manga, Mikan is often interrupted by Ibuki, a teasing character who is prone to interrupt Mikan.


The Adaptability of Mikan Tsumiki is the most important quality of a protagonist. Despite the fact that she is brilliant at studying human physiology, Mikan has a very low self-esteem, and she has a tendency to over-analyze people’s facial expressions. In addition, she is extremely clumsy, falling over often and ending up in dangerous positions. While she is never blamed for mistakes, she does tend to apologize for most of her mistakes.

Her innate perceptiveness allows her to read other people’s faces. For instance, she was able to tell what Hajime was thinking when she was in the fourth Free Time Event. In addition, her ability to read people’s facial expressions also means she can determine what other people are thinking based on their actions. When Mikan notices Hajime showing signs of boredom, hesitation, or annoyance, she will assume that they hate her. Her lack of confidence is made worse during Class Trials.


The motives of Mikan Tsumiki to become the Ultimate Nurse are conflicted. While he sincerely wants to help abuse victims by participating in the group, Mikan acknowledges that he relishes his role as a nurse, as it gives him the sense of power over helpless people. It is this desire to assert dominance that makes Mikan want to become a nurse, even if he doesn’t like it.

Final Words:

Throughout Chapter 3, Mikan’s memory is slowly regained. This process results in her becoming a Remnant of Despair and undergoes a major personality change. She becomes manipulative, dangerous, and angry, particularly when she is with Hajime. Her behavior changes dramatically, and Mikan is able to call out her perpetrators and their accomplices. This is indicative of her profound resentment and desire to control others.

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