High-Rise Invasion Season 1 Explained: Who Are The Masked Sniper?

Masked Sniper

Yuri Honjo plays a masked sniper in Kuon, a God Candidate. This article will look at the genre and the characters that play masked snipers in video games. We’ll also discuss Angry Masks and Mosin-Nagant. Hopefully you’ll find something interesting here. Then you can go and get the game! Until then, enjoy these sniper movies.

Yuri Honjo plays a masked sniper

In his debut manga series, Yuri Honjo plays a ninja sniper, also known as the Sniper Mask. His real name is Yuka Makoto, but he was able to inherit the powers of his brother, Kuon Shinzaki, and assume his identity. When he’s not wearing his mask, Sniper Mask wears a black suit, a fedora hat, and leather shoes. His belt is an interesting one to say the least.

Kuon is a God Candidate

Kuon is the first God Candidate to be revealed in the series. She uses a knife to fight and gains the “Defragmentation” skill, which allows her to lay multiple attacks on her opponent at once. Kuon is known to be very delicate, as she is not used to being around dead people. She was also shown to be emotional, and she is often seen crying during fights. However, this seems to change when she is given the opportunity to use her ability as a God.

Angry Masks

Using Angry masks while sniping is an excellent way to protect yourself from enemy fire. They are useful against monsters and other players. You can also use dual-wielding sniper rifles to protect yourself. These weapons are very easy to use. Here are some reasons why you should use them when sniping. The most obvious is that they are effective against monsters. However, if you want to avoid being caught unawares, they aren’t as good as the traditional assault rifle.


The Mosin-Nagant is a legendary masked sniper rifle that was the standard issue for Soviet troops. Millions of these rifles were produced during World War II. The Mosin-Nagant has been featured in films, TV series, and books, including The Hunger Games. Its legendary versatility and high rate of accuracy makes it an ideal weapon for masked snipers.


Yuri the masked snipers is a manga series by Shaft. It’s set in a futuristic Japan. Yuri is a classroom teacher who discovers that his brother has been transported away. The series’ plot revolves around his search for Rika. Throughout the manga, Yuri meets Mayuko Nise, a prodigious knife-wielder and former angel. In addition to her ability to take down masked men, Mayuko also gets a special mask from the angels. Yuri and Mayuko build up valuable alliances with other players, especially reformed masked figures such as Sniper Mask.

Iconic Character

An interesting character who has become an iconic character is Ein masked sniper. As a former soldier who has gained self-awareness after battle with Yuri, Ein attempts to regain his memories. He is skilled with his sniper rifle and can shoot enemy bullets in mid-air and through ropes. Originally a small Mask girl under Kauzma, Ein develops into a powerful leader in the manga.

Final Words:

In the second chapter of the anime series, Mayuko the masked sniping, the character makes her debut. As a result of this appearance, she becomes the most powerful sniper in the series. She also has the most powerful power of all the characters, namely, the ability to slash. As such, she is capable of killing a large number of enemies. In addition to this, she is the only human sniper who can kill any enemy that is inflicting pain.

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