11-Year-Old Basketball Prodigy Jaden Newman Sick Crossover

Jaden Newman

In this video, 11-Year-Old Basketball Star Jaden Newman makes a sick crossover to demonstrate his impressive skills. You may be wondering what skills he has, and how he manages to balance both basketball and his teenage life. Well, he does a few of those things really well. In the video below, he demonstrates his sick crossover in detail, and we’ll go over his handles as well.

Jaden Newman’s Athleticism

The ad is a bit misleading, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to show how talented a kid can be. Jaden Newman’s athleticism is amazing, and he’ll likely make it to the NBA before his age is out. His brother, Julian, was a basketball prodigy, but he didn’t realize it until recently.

The highlights of his basketball career on YouTube have become viral, with his highlight tape garnering millions of views. This has put his entire career under a microscope. Newman’s high school basketball team, Prodigy Prep, is a notoriously losing team. He struggled against much stronger competition, and was often criticized with chants of “OVERATED.”

Skill Level

The NBA is a tough place to be for a small kid. Regardless of his skill level, he’ll need to compensate for his size with athleticism, speed, and ability to facilitate the game. And the taller player is always going to get the roster spot. The question is, what can he do in this country to get there?

Jaden Newman is not your average freshman. At age eight, she started playing on the varsity team at Downey Christian. Her coach, who is also her dad, suggested she play point guard. As a result, Newman quickly rose to the top and became a member of the team. Now, at age nine, she is ready to play college basketball for the University of Connecticut and in the NBA. We’ve compiled some interesting facts about Jaden Newman.

Basketball Player

Newman has a brother named Julian, who is also an accomplished basketball player. His basketball skills videos on YouTube received massive hits and recruiters flocked to him. The two played high school basketball together and became a popular name in college recruiting circles. They also tied the national record for three-pointers, making 17 of them. This impressive feat has earned Newman a spot in the coveted NBA draft. Jaden’s father is a teacher at Downey Christian School, and his mother is a former US Navy officer.

Jaden Newman’s parents are Puerto Rican immigrants from Brooklyn. They raised their children in Orlando, Florida, and Jaden attended the Downey Christian School. Jaden’s parents were both successful, and she continues to receive financial support from both of them. Jaden’s parents raised her in a loving home, where she had many opportunities to excel. Jaden’s parents’ support and encouragement helped her achieve success in the world.

Active Instagram Account

Born on June 13, 2004, Jaden Newman is an American basketball prodigy. She began playing basketball at a high school level when she was in third grade. She is known on numerous social media platforms and has appeared in several TV shows like “Hello Newmans.” Jaden is 17 years old. She has an active Instagram account. She started posting pictures as part of a trend. Today, she has 961k followers.

The Newman family has a colorful history. The Newmans’ father, Jamie, played basketball and became head coach at Downey Christian School. Jaden’s mother, Vivian, played point guard for University High School in Orlando. The Newmans are currently raising Jaden. Their father is a basketball coach, and their mother, Vivian, played point guard for the University High School. After graduating, Jaden’s father, Vivian, served in the U.S. Navy for four years.

Julian Newman

Jaden is the younger brother of basketball prodigy Julian Newman. He is famous for his impressive skills on the basketball court and his relationship with his older brother, Julian Newman. Jaden was born in Orlando, Florida. His parents, Jamie and Vivian Newman, were coaches and mentors for both. Jaden was an outstanding student in school and attended a basketball academy there. His father, Jamie, also played basketball for Colonial High School. The family’s other members now work for the U.S. Postal Service.

Final Words:

Jaden Newman is a talented basketball player with an Instagram account and an extensive social media following. He has over 1000 Varsity points and has appeared on tv shows, including the Disney Channel. In 2015, he won a three-point shooting competition with Stephen Curry. In addition to his basketball skills, Jaden Newman keeps himself fit with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. If you’re looking for a fun and energetic person, Jaden Newman is the one for you here!

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