Point of Care CNA Charting: How Does PointClickCare Work?


The POC charting system allows caregivers to enter more data on each resident and save time in documenting it. A caregiver can quickly and easily create and add multiple entries to a patient’s chart. This way, they won’t miss any information that can save the resident’s life or make their job more efficient. A major benefit of this software is its ability to capture ADLs. One point of difference in ADL score can cost the facility upwards of $40 per day.

Computer or Smartphone

This mobile application allows caregivers to capture data on the patients they are caring for. This feature is available for all patients and requires an internet browser. You can use this application on any computer or smartphone, and it works on most devices. The POC is easy to use, and it provides a secure login experience. To get started with the charting process, log in to your account.

Documentation Process

Once you’ve logged in to the platform, you can begin charting the health of your patients. A nurse can log in with their PointClickCare login and access patient medical records and medication information. Using this software will allow you to monitor your patients’ medical conditions, and provide timely and accurate information to your patients. It also streamlines the documentation process and saves time for both your staff and the patients.

View Patient Information

PointClickCare connects health providers, patients, and organizations. The PointClickCare login application allows nurses to manage and view patient information online. Whether you’re working from your laptop, smartphone, or anywhere else, you’ll have access to your patients’ medical information anytime, anywhere. And you can even share patient information with your patients. The system is easy to use, so your staff can use it for patient care wherever they need it.

Patient Care Information

The app lets nurses and other direct-care staff access patient care information and records with the click of a button. It also makes it easy to share data with other caregivers, ensuring the accuracy of each record. Additionally, it helps reduce the risk of errors by facilitating staff members to document every aspect of a patient’s care. There are no longer forms or spreadsheets to fill out when the app is used correctly.

Caregivers & Nurses

The pointclickCare login application helps caregivers and nurses collect and manage data about resident care. The system also includes tools to keep track of residents’ progress. By using this application, caregivers can monitor the level of care of each resident. This is the fastest, easiest way to access information about a resident’s condition and health. Moreover, POC is secure and convenient to use.

Username & Password

The software can be used on any device with an internet connection. All that is required is an internet browser and a username and password. This point-of-care system can also be accessed by staff and patients remotely. The PointClickCare CNA portal can be accessed from any location. The portal is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Sign Charting System

The PointClickCare system can help you with all aspects of your job. You can sign in using a registered company code, username, and password. You can also choose a password for your account. Once you are logged in, you can explore the main sign charting system. The application will provide a number of facilities, including a secure website and a mobile app.

The PointClickCare CNA is a revolutionary online network software that connects all stakeholders in the health industry. It allows healthcare providers and patients to access patient information from a secure online portal. With this, staff can check out patient information, medication details, and schedules at any time. All of these resources are accessible to staff and patients at any time and place.

Final Words:

The POC system is a mobile app that allows nurses to enter patient information through touchscreen kiosks. It can also be used on desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. It supports Spanish and other languages and allows caregivers to communicate with their patients via text messaging. A POC app can be used on any type of device. It can be run on a tablet or a PC here.

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