Is Hosting a Bitcoin ATM in Connecticut A Good Move?

Things have changed a lot since the first Bitcoin ATM got installed in a Vancouver café in 2013. Now, you find crypto ATMs popping up in shopping centers, airports, and even gas stations. That’s just how popular these kiosks have become. And why not; millennials cannot get enough of cryptos.

Everyone wants to be a part of the Bitcoin journey even though it has had its share of ups and downs. The crypto has picked up steam, and demand for crypto ATMs to make transactions easier, is at an all-time high. 

Why not use this opportunity to host an ATM in your Connecticut store?

How have perceptions changed about using Bitcoin ATMs?

Hosting an ATM in-store seems to be a profit-making venture because of the coin’s popularity. Customers walking into your shop or doing business with you will find this appealing.

Earlier, people were hesitant to invest in Bitcoins primarily because they didn’t know much about it. They were scared to put their hard-earned money into assets that didn’t physically exist. 

Besides, people had started associating Bitcoins with the Dark Web; people knew it was being used to finance the purchase of illicit weapons and drugs.

Now, it’s a different story altogether. As more and more businesses start to embrace crypto as a means of payment, there is a renewed interest in buying Bitcoins. 

People are now hit by the FOMO bug; they don’t want to lose out on an opportunity to make easy money.

This trend has been further catapulted by the fact that transactions in cryptos have now become faster, more secure, and hassle-free. And Bitcoin ATMs have made this possible.

What benefits could you get by hosting a Bitcoin ATM?

As a retailer, you will find hosting a Bitcoin ATM in Connecticut a worthwhile investment. Bitcoins have outperformed most of the other assets, and beginners who haven’t invested in the past will now show an interest in buying it.

The last two years have proved Bitcoin’s credibility as prices of this continued to escalate even when gold’s value didn’t. So, one can be sure that Bitcoins are here to stay.

As transactions continue to increase, people are going to look for simpler and hassle-free ways to procure Bitcoins. Crypto ATMs can offer this. If you can install an ATM for crypto transactions in your store, you will find a steady flow of customers. 

Newcomers thinking of dabbling in cryptos will prefer Bitcoin machines to exchanges. The process of transacting through exchanges is lengthy. There is an elaborate registration process and paperwork to be submitted. If people wish to bypass all of this, choosing to buy from an ATM is the right thing to do.

Besides, using a Bitcoin ATM means your transactions are completely secure. All you need to use these machines are a smartphone and digital wallet. No one has to know how much Bitcoin you bought for cash or how many you sold.

Instructions are easy-to-follow and displayed on the screen. It’s just like using a standard cash ATM anywhere. In exchange for the super convenience you offer your customers, there is a transfer fee. This is usually higher than what exchanges charge. And this automatically means more profit for your Connecticut business.

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